What on Earth

If you're into science fiction, fantasy, and all things weird, then these short stories will be right up your alley. - With a mix of humour, surprise endings, and a pinch of the bizarre, this book is perfect for those looking for something different.


  1. Outgrowth of the Brain: He guards an ancient mansion’s freaky secrets, but a brain disorder has crippled him. A mad scientist’s remedy will either save or destroy him.
  2. White Noise: Professor Maurice Masterson alone can salvage the universe. All he needs is alien persuasion and a yellow bathroom sponge.
  3. Litter Thugs: Life is like a mound of rubbish. You never know how much is waste.
  4. The Professor’s Conundrum: God isn’t going to judge us. It’s we who have Him on trial.
  5. Gypsy Spell: If a gypsy fortune teller swore you’d soon depart this world, would you die laughing?
  6. The Bell Tower Suite: Up in the mansion, things go bump in the night. Alf and Bert, the security guards, investigate. What they find, I hardly dare to tell.
  7. Psycho Psyche. Most of us carry a potential bomb with us. Dr Grenn found out how to detonate them…
  8. Yoikes: Alf and Bert, security, stumble into the twelfth century. Frightened to tamper with history, they tread carefully-at first!
  9. Doomsday Diary: A Diary filled out ten days into the future that predicts death and doom? Chief Inspector Dobbs didn’t believe either…
  10. Liquorice Shoelace: On his way home from work, Frank, a warm-hearted accountant, witnesses a man jump in front of a Tube train. The shocking suicide leaves Frank distraught, but the next day, he sees the same man again, alive and in a wretched state. Determined to solve the mystery, Frank investigates, only to watch his own world fall apart.
  11. Pest: Alf and Bert, the mansion's security guards, have never been beaten. Pest and Olive, con artists, have never failed. The security guards have a few tricks up their sleeves, but the con artists fight dirty.
  12. Florence Blackwater: Is it possible that Florence, living isolated from the world, is well over a hundred years old and still retains her youth? Or is she a ghost? Professor Maurice Masterson investigates. His conclusion astonishes everyone.

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